Welcome to the Genealogy Inquiry Page of the Greene County Historical Society. Please note that our genealogy collection and database contain information pertaining to Greene County VIRGINIA. We do not have information about the other 25 Greene Counties in the United States. ‘Our’ Greene County, here in Central Virginia, was formed in 1838, having split off from Orange County VA. Therefore records (e.g., birth, marriage, death) of an event happening in Greene County prior to 1838 do not pertain to Greene County Virginia.

That being said, Greene County VA is fertile ground in more ways than one. This rural corner, with lush valleys, winding streams and secret hollows looked down on by the Blue Ridge Mountains, has a long history of ‘incomer’ population. Many people visit here looking for their roots, and we have an ever-increasing library of information to help them. In addition to the genealogy-related books that we sell, (see the Sales page) we have numerous family histories, obituary files, etc. We maintain a large (100,000+ person) database of Greene County VA descendants, which can be accessed at our Museum and Genealogical Research Center in Stanardsville. We will endeavor to assist those searching for their Virginia roots who submit queries online. Please complete the Request form and click on Submit.

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