• Envelope with Stanardsville postmark, dated November 30th 1860
  • Rucker Cupboard, late 1700s, made on Rucker plantation
  • May Day Pageant 1957, with Norris Powell as Uncle Sam
  • Story of Governor Spotswood’s 1716 Expedition to<br> the Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Page family portrait, Stanardsville, early 1900s
  • Wire-rimmed spectacles with case, late 1800s
  • Small pressed glass jug with colored and gold painted designs, date unknown
  • Lady’s fan, late 19th or early 20th century
  • Small cameo profile in decorative gold mount, date unknown
  • Decorative silver chatelaine made in Birmingham England, hallmarked1875-1899
  • Porcelain rose medallion saucer, Japanese, c.1850
  • Children’s Reader, 1907
  • Pink straw hat with organza ruffle and matching organza ruffle collar, 1960s
  • Flax wheel from the old Moyers Farm west of Stanardsville,<br> mid-1800s
  • Straw hat with black ribbons, made in England, date unknown
  • Blue tucked and lace-trimmed blouse with high collar, late 1800s
  • Greenstone Axe, dates to Woodland Period<br> (C. 500 BC through to the Contact Period)
  • Woven Oval Basket from Blue Ridge Mountains, date unknown, probably early to mid 20th century
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